Burma Youth's Islamic Center

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B.Y.I.C refers to a totality of Myanmar Islamic young peoples shared by all the members of Islamic community. And the result of B.Y.I.C is expected to be useful for all Islamic Burma as An association to improve to defend from injustices of military junta, especially above non-freedom of religion in Burma. Also it is pointed to be valuable for Islamic peoples.To avoid disturbance , we must start with collecting strength for defending our right of religion .Junta still use sly way to annoy to Myanmar Islamic people harshly .Especially they are playing our religion in their game plan of legitimize military rule. As we all known, today we have no right to build new mosque but also can’t more building add. Furthermore they made problems purposely to abuse to attack with other religion. How many ours mosques was broken by mistake understanding from our same nation. This is something we can’t abandon. ""We must be careful to not happen again in Burma. We all have full responsibility to defend our value and religion no matter what happen until dead. Junta use brutal force to Rohinjar (Rankine Islamic ethnic) who
staying in Rankine state. Junta still ignores to accept them as citizen of Myanmar .They forced them harshly by beating, arresting, throwing and bothering instead of defending and giving rights. This is incomprehensible and quite unacceptable for all Burma Islamic people. So today Burma Youth’s Islamic Center Calls for all Myanmar Muslim people to effort together to get human right and the freedom of religion in Burma.